With the continuous progress of science and technology, the emergence of some emerging applications and people's increasing environmental awareness has contributed to the growth of the demand for batteries. Because rechargeable batteries are more environmentally than disposable batteries and are more in line with sustainable development strategies. This article will focus on the difference between marine deep cycle batteries and starting batteries as well as the battery charger troubleshooting methods for LiFepo4 starting batteries.

The Current Situation of Battery Market

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Rechargeable batteries are gradually replacing disposable batteries in some areas. For China, as a major trading and exporting country, naturally has to use ships for transport. In ship power system, storage battery is also a very important equipment, which can provide reliable power for the ship.  However, different types of batteries have different applications and characteristics in ship power systems. 


Marine deep cycle  and starting battery

Marine deep cycle battery is a high-performance, long-life battery suitable for providing reliable power to ships. It has high energy density and deep cycle capability, and can withstand vibration and shock during ship operation. In addition, the marine deep cycle battery also has a long service life, which can meet the needs of the ship's long-time operation. The starting battery is a kind of battery used to provide power for the ship's starting system. It has a high instantaneous discharge capacity and can provide a large current in a short time to start the ship's engine. The capacity of the starting battery is generally smaller and its service life is shorter, which is applicable to the ship starting system.


Battery Charger Troubleshooting for Deep Cycle LiFepo4 Batteries

Because of the recovery of the global economy and the increase in trade, the demand for ship transport will also continue to increase, then the use and charging of batteries should be to pay more attention. In terms of battery chargers troubleshooting, the following aspects need to be noted:



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  1. No output from the charger: When there is no output from the battery charger, it is necessary to check whether the input power of the charger is normal, whether the fuse of the charger is blown, and whether the switch of the charger is open. If the above checks are no problem, you need to further check whether the internal circuit and components of the charger are damaged.
  2. Charger overheating: When the battery charger overheats, you need to check if the charger's cooling system is working properly. If there is a problem with the cooling system, you need to check whether the cooling fan is working properly and whether the heat sink is blocked or damaged. If there is no problem with the above checks, you need to further check whether there is any problem with the internal circuit and components of the charger.
  3. Charger charging time is too long: when the battery charger charging time is too long, you need to check whether the charging current of the charger is too large. If the charging current is too large, you need to adjust the charging current of the charger or replace the charger with a larger capacity. If there is no problem with the above check, you need to further check whether there is a problem with the battery.