Do you wonder how solar panels work?

Actually, there are two ways of solar power generation, one is the light-heat-electricity conversion method and the other is the direct light-electricity conversion method. The direct light-to-electricity conversion method utilizes the photovoltaic effect to directly convert solar radiation energy into electricity, and the basic device for light-to-electricity conversion is the soft foldable solar panels.

The POWERWIN 12 volt foldable solar panel uses monocrystalline silicon, a semiconductor, and the silicon wafer is sandwiched between conductors. When exposed to sunlight, photons collide, electrons move in one direction, and finally an electric current is formed.

Do you know of places that are already utilizing solar energy?

In fact, many railroads, highway signal systems, railroad signals, traffic warning lights, signals, signals, road solar street lights are using soft foldable solar panels. The previous very hot solar electric cars, electric bicycles have been widely used in solar energy. There are also some mountains where soft foldable solar panels are installed to convert solar energy into usable electricity, which can be used by tourists to recharge their batteries.


Why do we advocate the use of solar energy?

Soft foldable solar panels are a promising new type of power source with the advantages of permanence, cleanliness, and flexibility. As long as the sun exists, soft foldable solar panels can be used for a long time as an investment; from the perspective of power generation compared with thermal power generation, solar cells do not cause environmental pollution.