Nowadays, lithium batteries 12v has also become the basis and material for electric vehicles and large-scale energy storage products in the mass market. As the global electric vehicle industry's two mainstream battery technology routes, The "war" between lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary batteries has never stopped. lithium batteries 12v as us best lifepo4 batteries, its advantages not only lies in the long service life of the battery, high energy density, but also green, environmentally friendly. The advantages of lithium batteries 12v as us best lifepo4 batteries not only lie in the long service life of the battery, high energy density, but also green environmental protection, high and low temperature adaptability.

 Application status of lithium batteries 12v in the energy storage market

Because lithium batteries 12v has the advantages of high working voltage, high energy density, long cycle life and small safety performance, it has a great application in new energy automobile industry, starter power supply, military aviation business and energy storage market in various countries' markets. Moreover, due to the serious environmental damage nowadays and the depletion of available energy, all countries are vigorously enhancing the policy support for the new energy automobile and energy storage industry, and this is expected to promote lithium batteries 12v to become the best lithium iron phosphate battery. And here, I will expand on the application of lithium batteries 12v in the energy storage market.


  1. It is the safe integration of wind power, photovoltaic and other renewable energy generation into the grid. LiFePO4 battery also with its own advantages, in the national wind power storage and transmission demonstration project to carry out engineering applications, will effectively improve the efficiency of the equipment, to solve the problem of local voltage control.


  1. Grid peaking. The use of lithium iron phosphate battery storage system to replace the pumped storage power station, to cope with the peak load of the grid, not subject to geographical conditions, free site selection, less investment, less land occupation, low maintenance costs, in the process of grid peaking will play an important role.


  1. Distributed power station. The defects of the large-scale power grid itself, it is difficult to guarantee the quality, efficiency, security and reliability requirements of the power supply. For important units and enterprises, often need dual power supply or even multiple power supply as a backup and guarantee. Lithium iron phosphate battery storage system can reduce or avoid power outages due to grid failures and various unforeseen events.


  1. UPS power supply. Lithium iron phosphate batteries relative to lead-acid batteries, has a long cycle life, safe and stable, green, self-discharge rate is small, etc., with the integration of technology continues to mature, the cost continues to decrease, lithium iron phosphate batteries in the UPS power supply battery will be widely used. Lithium batteries 12v are also used in the widest range, and are expected to be the best LifFePO4 batteries.