Extreme weather is occurring more and more often.

In September this year, the Earth's average surface temperature reached 16.38°C, 0.5°C higher than the temperature in the previous hottest September (2020), data shows. The WMO says this continues a trend of persistent anomalies in land and sea surface temperatures and is an ominous sign that greenhouse gases are rapidly changing our climate. And we very much need to have some emergency food or lifepo4 battery 100ah with 100W solar panel at home to avoid being unable to use electricity.

Indeed some countries have already been devastated by extreme weather. For example, many states in the U.S. have already experienced tornadoes on April 5 of this year, causing towns and cities to collapse and be severely affected. In mid-May, northern Italy was hit by torrential rains that caused flooding and landslides, leading many Italians to leave their homes.

And what can we prepare for at home as a response to some extreme weather?

The first and most important thing is food, and preferably something that can be stored and has a long shelf life to provide enough energy. If you have time, you can also prepare some fresh vegetables at home. It is also necessary to have some energy storage products at home to make it easier to live after dark or in case of a sudden power outage.

And if there are more family members, I would recommend storing a few more high-capacity batteries. I highly recommend the POWERWIN BT series of products, first of all, the product itself is very safe, and then there are various models and capacities for you to choose from, and Up to 15000 Cycles, also support solar energy. The conversion efficiency of this 100W solar panel is as high as 24%. The conversion efficiency of this 100W solar panel is as high as 24%, and it is also Durable and Water Resistant. Both of these products can be used in some emergencies.

Some additional safety tips

If you have a fireplace in your home, store enough wood indoors or by the door to last the duration of the storm, and then store as much as you can. But also beware of carbon monoxide poisoning or accidentally setting your house on fire.

There is also a first aid kit that you can prepare, which should ideally contain some insulated blankets, survival whistles, flashlights, storage-resistant food, tissues, regular medications, portable sleeping bags, portable water bags, windproof matches, and masks, etc., and a more detailed list may need to be prepared according to your actual situation.