Lithium battery

The complex electrochemical processes inside lithium batteries are difficult to understand. This is the conclusion. The attenuation of lithium battery capacity comes from the loss of electrode materials and the decomposition of electrolyte. The increase in battery impedance is due to the increase in resistance during charge conduction. Damage to the battery structure can result in loss of capacity.
Lithium battery life can be divided into three concepts: first, calendar life, second, cycle life, and third, in the case of improper operation or accidents, battery life deteriorates rapidly in a short period of time. Today we're going to focus on the third category. Factors that affect battery life are described below, including temperature, voltage, depth of charge and discharge, and current.

Lithium battery

The higher the temperature, the more active the electrochemical reaction, and the battery has better performance, such as enhancing the discharge capacity and reducing the internal resistance. However, high temperature will intensify the side reaction between electrolyte and positive and negative electrode materials, and accelerate the consumption of electrolyte, positive and negative electrode materials and lithium ions. This loss is permanent, resulting in the attenuation of battery capacity and the rise of internal resistance.


Over-voltage charging is one of the main reasons for the abnormal attenuation of lithium batteries.
It is not difficult to find that a voltage difference of 0.15V has a significant impact on battery life. If the voltage is too high, the decomposition process of the electrolyte will be aggravated. The electrolyte. The product also contains flammable gases and destroys the electrical conductivity of the electrolyte, resulting in the structural stability being affected. How to avoid and extend battery life. It can be said that there are many factors affecting the battery, but in the application process of new energy storage power supplies, many are to solve or reduce these effects.

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