Prepare thick clothes

These clothes will make you feel better in cold weather. If a shirt isn't enough for you, you can fold it up and fold another one. Wearing a thick layer of clothing to keep warm is because hot air is trapped between the two layers of clothing, basically acting as an insulator and not allowing cold air to enter.


Bring beverage heating equipment

One thing that makes the trip more enjoyable besides clothes is to bring a hot drink warmer. Such as coffee heaters, thermos bottles, etc. They don't consume a lot of electricity. By using a camping power bank, only 20-50 watt-hours of energy are required per hour. If using oil or diesel, you can also bring your thermos. It's work, too.

How to stay warm in Winter Vacation

Sleeping bag + electric blanket

Just like clothing, a sleeping bag also has the function of keeping warm. If you want to be warm, you can put an electric blanket in your sleeping bag, a single size electric blanket does not require much electricity. About 40 watts per hour. You can bring your camping batteries, power banks, that sort of thing. However, you still need to choose a cost-effective sleeping bag to maximize its functionality.


Another portable heater

If you were in a caravan and there was extreme weather, like a storm coming, what would you do? If you are carrying a camping battery station with a larger capacity and power, use a portable heater. Anyway, this is one of the more effective ways to stay warm in a tent. To be on the safe side, we do not recommend turning the central heating on while you sleep, nor do we recommend turning it off. When using these products, make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure your safety.

Planning a trip in cold weather is not like playing a game, and we take this seriously in order to have fun while traveling. We strongly recommend that you take the necessary steps to ensure the optimum temperature. Keep warm and have a good trip.