One might wonder if it is feasible to use foldable solar panels exclusively for appliances in the home.

First of all, we have to affirm that this living choice is an environmentally friendly and green way of life. Because nowadays, natural disasters happen all the time, and the culprits are most likely us humans. And as an ordinary person, what we can do is to reduce the use of electricity fueled by fossil fuels such as coal or natural gas and nuclear energy, then we can use more green energy, such as solar energy, water energy and so on. One of the most feasible ways of practicing this is to use  foldable solar panels, through the use of  foldable solar panels, to convert solar energy into usable power to meet the daily demand for electricity.


How to calculate how many  foldable solar panels can satisfy the electricity consumption of a family?

Through the collection of data, an ordinary family needs a day of electricity is about 6kwh, and the market of  foldable solar panels have 100w, 200w, 400w and other specifications, and we choose 200w solar panels as a compromise, then after calculating the 200wh * 0.7 * 5h = 700w It can be seen that a family to meet the daily consumption of electricity, it is necessary to about 8 pieces of 200w solar panels. This can be seen that a family to meet the daily electricity consumption, is required about 8 pieces of 200w solar panels. If a family is ready to use solar energy, foldable solar panels can be placed on the roof, which is the most suitable location for absorbing solar energy, because it is necessary to collect as much solar energy as possible, in order to convert it into usable energy.



How can I use solar energy as a usable energy source more often?

In fact, if we have some outdoor activities, such as going outdoor camping, going on vacation to the beach, or as a reserve battery for home use, we can use foldable solar panels together with storage batteries, Powerwin's products satisfy all the above scenarios, including foldable solar panels , storage batteries, and accessories needed. Our official homepage also has a lot of special offers recently, why not browse around and take away your favorite products, don't miss it!