Products that we need to have when we go off-grid camping.

The first thing that needs to be taken into account is the products that we may need to use when camping, and then the calculations that will be done to figure out the power usage. Some of the things that may be used when camping in general are refrigerators, lighting facilities, and charging of electronic products. Generally speaking, a 12v lifepo4 100ah battery is able to meet the charging of cell phones, tablets, and computers, as well as LED camping lights, coffee makers, solar energy storage devices, and so on. But you can choose a higher capacity battery according to your daily usage.




A small use recommendation

Powerwin BT100 is a 12v lifepo4 100ah battery, it can take care of the use of the above products, at the same time, it also has a particularly good design, that is, the BMS system, which can protect your battery, with the function of measuring the current and voltage of the Lifepo4 cells preventing and avoiding the battery from over-discharging, over-temperature, and other abnormal states.

Storage of Lifepo4 cells

The battery should be installed in a clean, cool, ventilated, and dry place as far as possible, and should be protected from sunlight, heaters, or other sources of radiant heat. The battery should be placed upright, not tilted angle.


Suitable temperature environment

Temperature has a greater impact on the Lifepo4 cells, if the ambient temperature is too high, will make the battery overcharge gas, the ambient temperature is too low, will make the battery charging insufficient, which will affect the service life of the Lifepo4 cells. Therefore, it is generally required that the ambient temperature is about 25℃.