Look at the appliance itself

First, the purchase of electrical appliances should be based on their actual power consumption size, choose the appropriate power distribution equipment, while wires and meters should also choose the appropriate power, power distribution equipment can not meet the capacity requirements of household appliances, must be replaced in time, can not be used, otherwise it may cause fire accidents.
Second, when purchasing household appliances, you should also understand their insulation performance: whether it is general insulation, enhanced insulation or double insulation. If it is a leakage protection ground, the ground wire is essential. Even for reinforced or double-insulated electrical equipment, protecting ground or protecting zero connections is beneficial.


Develop good electricity habits.

First, to check the line situation regularly, if the home power line is seriously aging or damaged, it is necessary to replace the new line in time to avoid short circuit caused by fire.
Second, it is best to equip the home with an electrical toolbox, which should have "test pens, screwdrivers, with rubber pliers" and other necessary electrical appliances in case of emergency.
Third, home appliances should be kept dry and clean, do not use gasoline, alcohol, soapy water, with corrosion or conductive liquid cleaning powder to wipe the surface of home appliances.
Fourth, except for the refrigerator, all household appliances should be turned off, especially the electrical appliances, especially the water heater in the bathroom. And, where there are protective grounding requirements of household appliances, should use three-pin plug and three-eye socket, not use the plug of two-pin and two-eye socket, resulting in ground (or neutral line) empty.
Fifth, electrical appliances that must be grounded must be well grounded. Do not forget to install the ground cable of the three-hole socket and the metal socket box, and do not replace the three-hole plug with a two-hole plug at will. Pay special attention not to arbitrarily connect the ground wire to the water supply pipeline, gas pipeline and other metal pipes.
Sixth, this is a point that many people overlook. Do not touch the live switch with wet hands, and do not unplug the power plug with wet hands. Do not touch the metal part of the power contact with your fingers, and do not replace electrical components such as light bulbs with wet hands.
Finally, when the power line needs to be cut in an emergency, insulation electrical pliers or tools with insulated handles must be used.

In order to achieve electricity safety, the battery management system is also very important. Powerwin's PPS2000 has its own management system, overcurrent, overload, overcharge, etc. It can also help you get rid of overtemperature and use high-power electrical equipment. So it lets you power up anytime, anywhere.