Over the past few years, it has been used in a variety of applications, including golf carts. Whether you're getting ready to buy your first golf cart or you already own a golf cart and use lead-acid batteries, it's time to consider lithium batteries.

Although either type of battery can power your golf cart and help you get around your neighborhood or golf course. However, lithium batteries have many obvious advantages over lead-acid batteries, and one of the most significant advantages is that lithium batteries have a longer service life than lead-acid batteries. If you are buying a golf battery for the first time, you will definitely have these thoughts: what size lithium battery do I need for my golf cart? Should I connect my batteries in and series? Therefore, in this article we will answer the above questions to help you further understand your needs (for example, under what circumstances do you need to connect your batteries in and series).

what size lithium battery do I need for my golf cart?

Did you know that your trolling motor battery failed to power your golf cart, or that your RV battery was installed in the golf cart but would not start? Although lithium batteries are great at powering your devices, you still have to choose the right battery specifications for your device. Choosing the right size lithium battery is critical to the efficient operation of your golf cart. Battery specifications depend on several factors, including the type of device, its intended use, and the distance traveled between charges. Starting a golf cart requires high battery voltage, so a low-voltage battery cannot meet the needs of the golf cart. When purchasing a battery for your golf cart, you first need to determine the specific battery requirements for your golf cart.

Should I connect my batteries in and series?

After solving the problem of 'what size lithium battery do I need', there is still another problem that needs to be solved: What should I do if the battery voltage cannot meet the voltage requirements of the golf cart? What should I do if my golf cart battery runs out of power after being used for a while? This problem must be solved by connecting the batteries in and series. Before understanding batteries in and series, we need to know what is a battery pack? A battery pack consists of two or more cells connected together. They can be connected in series or parallel. Doing so allows you to have greater energy and storage capacity and power your devices for longer. When multiple batteries are connected in parallel, they increase the overall capacity of the system while maintaining voltage. This configuration allows for higher ampere-hour (Ah) ratings, which directly affects the battery's runtime. Although connecting batteries in parallel will not increase the overall life of the battery, it can extend the battery life, thereby reducing the charging frequency and extending the battery life. When batteries are connected in series, they increase the voltage of the system without changing the capacity. This configuration is commonly used in electric vehicles (including golf carts) to obtain the voltage required to operate. Of course, connecting cells in series does not increase the overall life of the battery; the lifespan of each cell depends on its internal chemistry and usage.


The lifespan of a golf cart lithium battery depends on its internal chemistry, usage and proper care. Parallel and series connection of batteries will not affect battery life, but will change the voltage and capacity of the system respectively. When purchasing lithium batteries for your golf cart, it is crucial to consult with a professional or manufacturer to ensure compatibility and efficient operation of your golf cart. Properly maintained and charged batteries will last for years, ensuring reliable power for your golfing adventures.