Foldable solar panel can be your first choice to improve your life


Sometimes when we are walking down the road, we may see an electric panel installed on a street light on the side of the road or when we see some roofs, we will also see some electric panels, and most of us know that that is actually solar power panels.


High conversion rate

As you can see, solar panels are our first choice when it comes to similar off-grid settings. And what solar energy is known for is that it is clean energy and is a renewable, environmentally friendly source of energy. For the average person, I would highly recommend solar panels as an option for electricity if you have expensive electricity price or if there is a shortage of electricity in your area. Our POWERWIN  Solar Panel PWS100 has a higher conversion rate than traditional solar panels. Conventional solar panels can convert up to 20% of energy, while our foldable solar panel can convert up to 25%. This is a key point for some solar users.


What do you need to keep in mind if you need to use solar power panels?

The first thing you can look at is how much sunlight your area receives, as sunlight is the key to determining whether or not you will be able to meet your electricity needs. But we should note that the peak sunlight in your area is not the same as having such a high level of sunlight every hour. Then there is the question of whether or not you have the right place to put the solar power panel. Our POWERWIN Solar Panel PWS100 comes with three mounting options, that is, if you need to use an RV, we have holes for you to hang on the outside of the RV to absorb the sunlight.


Protecting the environment is something we all can do!

In today's climate, environmental pollution is happening all the time because everyone is too dependent on fossil fuels, and the biggest problem with continuing to burn large amounts of fossil fuels is that it makes climate change worse. The fact that each of us can do our own little bit to protect the environment, such as walking to get around or taking the bus or subway more often, all of which contribute to fewer harmful emissions, is a very meaningful move for the planet. And if we can choose to use solar power as a source of electricity, this is also an important initiative to protect the environment.