What is off-grid living? 

Off-grid means no longer using the electricity grid, which means being off the national grid and creating a self-sufficient power system through battery storage and inverter conversion. Therefore a good quality lifepo4 100ah battery as well as 100 watt foldable solar panels are inevitably needed to ensure the subsequent demand for electricity. 

Measures for off-grid

Off-grid renewable power systems must incorporate power electronics, including inverters, chargers, and lifepo4 100ah battery to achieve true power independence. Batteries act as "reservoirs" where excess power is stored and later removed when needed. 

The solution for most people is to use solar power to generate electricity, by installing 100 watt foldable solar panels that convert solar energy into usable power, with the excess being stored in batteries, each household's electricity consumption is different, which in turn determines the need for lifepo4 100ah battery of different capacities. 

Consequences of going off-grid

Achieve financial freedom by spending less, saving more, and enjoying life while refusing to be a slave to debt. Using 100 watt foldable solar panels also allows you to do your small part to protect the environment.