Power the refrigerator

The power of a home refrigerator is between 90 watts and 120 watts, but the refrigerator is not always running. Since the daily power consumption is generally around 1000wh, the power consumption depends on how often you turn it on. Our first Powerwin solar system, the PPS320, can also power a home or car refrigerator.

solar energy systems

Power the game station

Imagine if you're playing a fight scene in some game and suddenly your screen goes black, yes, it's a power outage. Powerwin Solar system can power your games and your TV! Powerwin's PPS320 solar system, which has a 320 watt-hour capacity, can provide power for at least an hour. Have it to solve your battery anxiety at any time.


Electric blanket

Are you ready for winter? If the air conditioning is not powered and the power outage is caused, you may want to consider purchasing a solar system with a heating system. But the electric heater uses a lot of power and can't last all night. That's why we recommend a single-size electric blanket that only needs 60 watts to keep you warm, and even if you only have 320 watt-hours of solar system capacity, you can still get it through the night.

Don't hesitate to trust us, because our goal is to make your convenience available all the time.