As the energy crisis gradually deepens, and environmental awareness continues to increase, LiFePO4 batteries have become the mainstream development direction of many power batteries due to their excellent performance. The current application fields of LiFePO4 batteries include new energy vehicles, 5G base stations and other fields. Among them, 12-volt batteries are widely used in home scenarios. Cameras, light bulbs, flashlights, speakers, water heaters, etc. are all scenarios where LiFePO4 batteries are used. However, POWERWIN LiFePO4 battery can not only meet everyone's basic needs, but also has been improved and supplemented with ordinary lithium iron phosphate batteries to become the best LiFePO4 battery.

 What are the main advantages of LiFePO4 batteries?

LiFePO4 batteries can meet the following requirements as household rechargeable batteries: high capacity, high output voltage, good charge and discharge cycle performance, stable output voltage, electrochemical stability, high safety in use, many battery cycles, and environmentally friendly no pollution. In addition, it is currently the best high-current output power battery.

According to the experimental results of scientists, the battery after zero voltage storage for 7 days has no leakage, good performance, and the capacity is 100%; after 30 days of storage, there is no leakage, good performance, and the capacity is 98%; the battery after 30 days of storage is subjected to 3 charge and discharge cycles, the capacity returns to 100%. This test shows that even if the lithium iron phosphate battery is over-discharged (even at 0V) and stored for a certain period of time, the battery will not leak or be damaged. This is a feature that other types of lithium-ion batteries do not have.


Why choose POWERWIN LiFePO4 battery as an energy storage necessity?

  POWERWIN LiFePO4 batteries are divided into four models: BT10, BT100, BT200 and BT5120, which can meet the small, medium and large power needs of home appliances or outdoor electricity. The cycle life of average LiFePO4 batteries can reach 2,000 times, while POWERWIN's LiFePO4 batteries can reach about 15,000 times, making the battery life approximately 60%. Moreover, the battery has a built-in BMS system to ensure that the battery can achieve optimal performance and prevent overcharging, over-discharging and short circuiting. What's more, if it needs to be used in an RV, it can be charged through solar panels, which greatly reduces the trouble of charging when away from home. Furthermore, three of four products are 12volt- LiFePO4 batteries, which are ideally suited for use in many low voltage appliances and devices, and their lightweight design is also easy to install and carry, giving you the flexibility to use them anywhere you need power!