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How it Start

llT, the innovative green energy solutions and agent. We offer over 100 years brand Energizer PPS, the same superior quality with POWERWIN Solar Systems. Mature US/EU center services offer local delivery, after-sales, we invite YOU to join us. POWER TO WIN!

IIT has committed to selling portable power stations since becoming the agent of the Energizer brand in 2019 and has successively launched the Energizer portable power station series: PPS100/160/240/320/700/PPS2000. POWERWIN now has launched LiFePO4 battery, foldable solar panels, solar charge controllers and solar inverters project.

These products are reliable and well-loved by customers, and are designed to provide portable power and solar charging solutions for your everyday needs. Whether you're camping, hiking, or simply need backup power, the POWERWIN® series has got you covered.

The Evolution of Our Brand

We having successfully licensed and sell Portable Power Stations series under the Energizer brand, and we have embarked on a new journey with our very own brand, POWERWIN®. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond portable power solutions as we delve into the expansive realm of green energy.

Our focus now encompasses photovoltaic technology, like solar energy, LiFePO4 batteries, and hybrid solar inverters. We are dedicated to maintaining the exceptional quality that defines our products while expanding our horizons in the field of sustainable energy solutions. With POWERWIN, we are not just powering devices; we are powering a greener, more sustainable future.

Our Achievement






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Our Story

POWERWIN was born out of personal experience and a desire to make a difference. Growing up in an area prone to natural disasters, the brand's founder witnessed the impact of power outages on people's lives. This sparked the idea of storing electricity for uninterrupted access to power and lighting during critical times.
With a background in electronic product research and development, gained through years of work in a renowned global company, POWERWIN's founder had the knowledge and expertise to turn this childhood dream into reality. In 2017, the brand was established, focusing on mobile energy storage solutions and clean energy alternatives. Committed to creating a better world, POWERWIN strives to make a difference by offering exceptional products and comprehensive new energy solutions. By harnessing the power of innovation, they aim to provide reliable energy solutions that bring convenience and sustainability to people's lives.

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Our Mission

Lead the new green trend to deliver value and create a better world through sustainable energy practices.

Let us

Power to Win




POWERWIN stands for uncompromising quality. Every product undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring top-tier craftsmanship and lasting durability.



Your safety is our priority. Our products meet and exceed industry safety standards, backed by meticulous checks for your peace of mind.


Professional Service

partnership built on professionalism and dedication. Beyond exceptional products, expect personalized, expert service tailored to your needs.

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What Company’s Doing?

Our Team

Say Hi to Our Team

Hi our customer, we are happy to introduce our IIT team to you:)

The IIT team is a passionate group of people who respect people from different places and believe that everyone has their own talents!!

Our company headquarters is located in RM 517 Office 2 Lei Yue MunRoad, Kwun Tong, Kowloon Hong Kong SAR, providing electronics, portable photovoltaic, battery storage and their accessories product services.

We focus on customer care and protecting the environmental climate. "Our goal is to bring clean energy into people and homes and portable power stations are only our first step into clean energy." Judy said.

Our company is a global team of specialists providing green energy solutions with offices in Shenzhen, Indonesia, and Spain. We're dedicated to making a positive impact on the world and planting a tree in Africa for every online order placed on our website. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices drives us to spread our business worldwide.

Contact us
Phone:‪ +852 5488 1376 Email: hello@powerwinpower.com

Yawei Z.



Business Development Manager

Bryan Z.

Regional Manager - EU

Jarri L.

Regional Sales Manager - AMER


Regional Manager - EEMEA

Chandra Tan

Regional Sales Manager - Indonesia

Niki C.

Business Development Manager

Yuna. Y

Graphic Design

Yilia Y.

B2B Account Manager

Ceceilia. L.

 Regional Sales Manager - APAC

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