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POWERWIN 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery + Charger Set

$999.00 $499.00

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  • Charging Solution for LiFePO4 Battery
  • 12V/24V Battery Auto Detect
  • Auto Repair for Idel and Old Batteries
  • 3-Speed Mode, up to 20Amp Max.
  • 9-Stage Charging for Max. Battery Life
  • Protect from over-load and Reverse Connection

shippment: US plug

  • US plug
  • EU plug

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POWERWIN 12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 Battery + Charger Set

12V/20-Amp, 24V/10-Amp Max.

Setting Battery Type

One-click in Touch Mode. You can switch to LiFePO4 mode for the appropriate battery for charging.

Adjustable Charging Speed

You may set up the charging speed as your preference. Up to 20Amp in charging.

Versatile in Multi-Batteries

Charge multiple 12V batteries at once with our powerful charger. Supports up to 2 sets of 12V batteries in both serial and parallel configurations, giving you flexibility and efficiency in every charge.


Simple and Fast

How to charge your battery:
1. Charge in an outlet to power up the charger
2. Slelect the charge battery mode and speed.
3. Connect with your battery with the clamp.

*Please ensure to connect the terminals correctly.


Repair Function

Our charger has a repair mode. It automatically detects your battery and repeats the old and idle battery. Perfect for a car that has been parked too long to crank up from battery.

9-stage Quick Charge

Maximum your battery life while charging. Up to 20% more battery cycles extended than other chargers.

Charging Steps:
1. Battery Desulfation
2. Soft Start Charging
3. Bulk Charging
4. Absorption Charging
5. Trickle Charging
6. Battery Test
7. Recondition Charging
8. Float & Maintenance Charging
9. Small Current to Maintain Charging

Thermal Control

Comes with an integrated thermal sensor, smartly adapts the charging cycle to ambient temperature changes. Prevents under-charging or over-charging.

Intelligent and Automatic.

It stops automatically once your battery is fully charged, providing seamless power management without the hassle. Make it smart and simple, ensuring your battery is on full charge.

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POWERWIN 12V 200Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery + Charger Set

US plug
US plug
$999.00 $499.00