With the development of economy and science and technology, batteries have entered into the public's view and occupy a very important place in the market. So, in this variety of batteries, how do we choose? Different capacity batteries have different uses, this article can help you how to choose powerwin all capacity lifepo4 batteries, let's take a look at these four lifepo4 batteries each used in which occasions.


Firstly, let's learn about voltage and ah

voltage refers to how much energy is given inside the battery, which can also be understood as the strength of the electrical energy. ah refers to the amount of current, which can also be understood as the size of the electrical capacity. Next we will introduce these four lifepo4 batteries.

The first is a 12.8V/10Ah lifepo4 battery. It is the smallest battery of the four and can be used mainly for small emergency devices. If you are at home and suddenly experience a power outage, this lifepo4 battery can keep the power supply on. Of course, it can also be used outdoors, when we are going camping the next day, we can charge this lithium battery the day before we leave so that when we go camping the next day, we can use this lifepo4 battery to power the LED camping light.

The second type is the 12.8V/100Ah lifepo4 battery.

This battery is a typical backup battery, and its suitable voltage and capacity allow it to be used in most applications. For example, home backup power systems (this lifepo4 battery can be placed in a storage room where it can be used as a home backup power source in case of emergency). In addition, not only does the lifepo4 battery have the capacity to power most household devices, it can also be connected in series and parallel to increase power and capacity. This battery can also be used outdoors, as a lightweight marine battery, it can be placed on a yacht and used as a backup power source.

The third is a 12.8V/200Ah lifepo4 battery.


This one is pretty much the same as the previous one, except that there is a difference in capacity. This battery can also be used as a backup power source for a caravan or a yacht, but it can supply power for a little longer than the previous one because it has more capacity, so it is able to provide more power. However, before we need to use it on the yacht, we need to charge this lithium battery so that we can make sure that it will be able to perform at its best when we need to use it. It's worth noting that this battery is about 20% lighter than the other batteries, making it easier to carry around.

The last battery is the 51.2V/100Ah lifepo4 battery. It can be used for a variety of applications that require high voltage, high capacity and high current. It is because of its 51.2V high point energy strength that it can generally be used in electric cars, golf carts, carts for small industrial equipment, electric go-karts, and custom electric vehicles. In addition to this, it can also be used as an emergency backup power source for homes.

These are the areas where these four batteries can be used and the different ways to use them, our lifepo4 batteries are safer, lighter and durable too. Choose our lifepo4 battery, you will be right! Hope this article can help you.