Are you still worried about insufficient power on the road? Nowadays, RV travel is a very popular way to travel. Installing solar panels on rv can combine the energy needs during travel with solar panels to achieve uninterrupted power supply when going out.

Why choose solar panels as an essential item for your RV?

RV solar panels can be attached to the roof of the vehicle with fixed racks designed for them. Since the roof is constantly receiving solar radiation, RV solar panels can generate large amounts of electricity to power DC and AC loads while on the road or camping. Install solar panels on RV can have lots of advantages.

  1. Easy installation, Install solar panels on RVis not an easy thing? No! Just lay the solar panels flat and place them on the roof of the RV.
  2. Portability, RV solar panels will go with you wherever you go and continuously generate electricity on the road, making them a loyal ally on your adventures.
  3. Independent of the grid and generator, regular RVs park at campsites to charge deep cycle batteries. Because they only need sunlight to generate electricity and can work for 20 to 25 years.

How to set up solar panels for RV ?

First you need to calculate how many watts of solar modules you need based on how much power your RV appliances use, and then how many batteries you need based on how many days of power you need. 

how to set up solar panels for rv

Secondly, installing solar panels on RV should have two things to be noticed: first, do not step on it; second, the surface cannot be covered. Then, when purchasing solar panels, be sure to install a controller to prevent the battery from overshooting and over-discharging. Overcharging means your battery is likely to die prematurely.


Finally, what energy does installing solar panels on RV actually provide you?

For example, among current ordinary household appliances, a light bulb consumes 60W and consumes 360Wh of electricity per day; a TV consumes 200W and consumes 800Wh of electricity per day; a small refrigerator consumes 200W and consumes 4800Wh of electricity per day. And you have an 800W RV solar panel system that is in direct sunlight for 5 hours a day, you will produce approximately 4,000 Wh of energy per day (5 x 800 = 4,000). Based on the calculations in the table above, this is enough to power small appliances like lights and TVs, but you won't be able to use the refrigerator all day. So installing solar panels on RV will be able to power most of your small electronic devices and keep the lights on, but don't expect to be able to run an unlimited number of appliances