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Energizer PPS2000 2150Wh Portable Power Station

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  • 1.6 hrs full charge with 900W solar & AC power.
  • 2100W pure sine wave, 2150Wh capacity.
  • LiFePO4 battery, 10-year lifespan.
  • 3000+ Cycles: Designed for lasting cycles.
  • LCD smart touch screen.
  • Only Ship to US.

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Power On-The-Go: 2150Wh Portable Powerhouse

Energizer PPS2000 - a 2150Wh juggernaut with 2100W pure sine wave power (4200W surge). Keep devices humming with uninterrupted electricity wherever you are.


100% Juiced Up in Just 1.6 Hours

Energizer PPS2000 recharges in a blazing 1.6 hours using 900W solar and 500W AC power. Optimal 900W solar setup takes 3 hours, while AC power needs 5-6 hours. Dual AC option charges in just 2.1 hours.


Durable LiFePO4 Battery & Robust BMS

Powered by LiFePO4 battery lasting more than 10 years with 3000+ charge cycles. Fortified by Battery Management System (BMS) for protection against overcurrent, short-circuit, over-discharge, overcharge, over-voltage, and thermal concerns.


Versatile Charging Hub: Multitude of Ports

Energizer PPS2000 is the ultimate charging hub with 6 AC outputs, aviation output, 2 Quick Charge 3.0 USB ports, 2 USB-A ports, powerful PD 100W port, 12V DC charging port, and 2 DC 5521 ports. Power devices simultaneously, from laptops to power tools, ensuring seamless charging and discharging.



CAPACITY 2150Wh 42000mAh
TYPE LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)
LIFE CYCLES 2000+ Cycles to 80% Original Capacity
SHELF-LIFE Recharge to 80% Every 3-6 Months
  Battery Management System
  LCD Touch Screen





2100W In Total

USB-C PORT 1×100W Max

2×18W QC3.0

2×15W USB-A


2×12VDC 5521 (5.5mm Outlets)

1× Car Charging

120W In Total

Aviation 1×12V/30A, 360W Max



AC CHARGING CABLE (standard mode) 500W Max
SOLAR INPUT 10-145VDC,15A 900W Max
CAR INPUT 10-145VDC, 900W Max



AC+Solar 1.6hrs
SOLAR  3hrs (With Prime Sunshine, Ideal Orientation and low temperature)
12V CAR OUTLET 5-22hrs



Product Weight: 66.14lbs/ 30kg
Dimension (LxWxD) 17.72×11.02×15.28in/ 450×280×388
STORAGE TEMPERATURE -4-104℉ (-20-40℃)
Warranty 12 Months



1×PPS2000W01 Portable Power Station
1×PD100W Type-C Cable
1×AC/DC Adapter
1×PV to XT90 Solar Cable
1×XT90 to Aviation Cable
1×Aviation Cable to XT60
1×Car Plug to XT60 Cable
1×XT60 to Anderson Plug
1×User Manual







  • Question: What devices can be powered by Energizer PPS2000?
  • Answer: With up to 6 2100W AC inverter ports, and pure sine-wave adaptive for most devices under 2100W.


  • Question: Can I charge PPS2000 with solar panels and wall outlet simultaneously, or use dual ac adapters?
  • Answer: Yes. You can charge by your wall outlet through AC adapter in the DC 7909 port, and simultaneously charge by your solar panels, vehicles, or lead-acid battery in the aviation input plug. But for the dual wall charging, the second Energizer PPS2000 AC adapter is required.


  • Question: How to store energizer pps2000?
  • Answer: Generally, please kindly store the power station within temperature of -20-40℃(-4-104℉). When charging, its working temperature is 0-40℃(32-104℉). Please keep away from fire, water or other liquid, and do not expose the product in direct sunlight. If you want to keep it for a period of time, please recharge it every 3-months to maintain the battery power above 50%.


  • Question: How can I charge RV?
  • Answer: We have Aviation plug to XT60 and XT60 to Anderson plug cables in PPS2000 package and plug in output 2-Pin Aviation Sockets (12V/30A) right close to the power button, make sure the DC function is ON.


  • Question: Can it charge while powering another device?
  • Answer: Yes, Energizer PPS2000 supports pass-through charging.


  • Question: How many devices can it charge wirelessly?
  • Answer: Energizer PPS2000 has two wireless charging platfoms(15W each) on the top. Make sure to turn on the DC function before powering your devices.


  • Question: How many devices can I power?
  • Answer: It can charge up to 12 devices, as long as the surge power has not reached 2100W. Otherwise, the battery manage system detects its over-load, alarm notifies the user, and then automatically shut down to prevent battery failure.


  • Question: Can PPS320 or PPS700 charge PPS2000?
  • Answer: Yes. They both can charge PPS2000 separately via cigarette lighter. PPS2000 does have car plug to XT90 cable, connect with XT90 to Aviation port to the input 2-Pin Aviation Plug. The difference is the charging speed. The max wattage of P320 DC output is 120W(12V, 10A), and for P700, it is 168W(16.8V, 10A).  


  • Question: Can it charge while powering another device?
  • Answer: Yes, Energizer PPS2000 supports pass-through charging.


  • Question: How can I charge my devices by PD?
  • Answer: It has PD dual type-c cable in PPS2000 package for 100 watt output. There are a few things you need to notice: 1) Turn ON the DC function; 2): If your devices do not have USB PD Power Transmission Protocol or are not charged by the PD cable we provided, it may NOT charge that fast as the label says.


  • Question: Can the PPS2000 charge Tesla?
  • Answer: Yes. Make sure the AC function is ON before charging. With 110 volt and 16 amps input to Tesla, full power of PPS2000 can charge Tesla for a few miles. If it is in an emergency scenario, a few miles makes another story.


  • Question: How long will this power station 2000 power my device?
  • Answer: The working time (approximately) = 2150Wh* 0.85(Conversion Rate)/operating power of your device. Note: the actual working time may vary under different circumstances.


  • Question: Can a 100W solar panel charge the PPS2000? How long does it take to fully charge?
  • Answer: Yes, it can accept up to 900W of solar panel power.
    The full charge time (approximately) = 2150Wh* 0.85(Conversion Rate)/operating power of your device.
  • Note: the actual working time may vary under different circumstances.


  • Question: Is changing the battery something I can do or is the unit disposal after
  • Answer: We do not have special batteries available for replacement, and the professionalism required for battery replacement is very high, so we do not recommend you to replace the batteries yourself.
    If your product is still in the period of warranty, we will replace another brand new machine for you. First, we will send you a return label. So, you will get a FREE return. Then we ship another one for you.
  • Question: What's the real weight, including charging cable?
  • Answer: The weight of the PPS2000 plus the outer box is 82.6 pounds, and the weight of the PPS2000 is 66.14 pounds, hope this helps you.


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