Attention RV camping enthusiasts as well as fishing enthusiasts! The deep-cycle RV boat battery for you is here - POWERWIN BT100. As a 100ah deep cycle battery,  it’s not only adopts Grade-A LiFePO4 battery technology, but also the battery deep cycle can reach about 16,000 times. Then for this kind of battery we also need to take protection measures to extend its service life. 

Factors affecting the life of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

1.Charging and Discharging.

When choosing a charger, it is best to use the correct charger to prevent lithium iron phosphate batteries from shortening their life due to overcharging. In general, slow charging extends battery life more than fast charging. Depth of discharge is an important factor affecting the life of lithium iron phosphate batteries. The higher the discharge depth, the shorter the life of the deep cycle RV marine battery.

2.Operating Environment

If a lithium iron phosphate battery is used for a long period of time at high temperature, it will cause the electrode activity to decay and shorten the service life, therefore, maintaining the appropriate operating temperature as much as possible is a good way to extend the life of lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Maintenance Guide for Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries

The 100 Ah deep-cycle batteries are popular, but you should take care of them while using them. For example, avoid overcharging and overdischarging by using the proper charger in the first place. Secondly avoid using the battery at extreme temperatures for long periods of time. Finally, try to avoid complete discharge of the battery, timely charging can increase the usage number of 100 Ah deep-cycle battery.

As an essential item for RV, camping, and fishing enthusiasts, you need to pay attention to protecting the life of the battery while using it in order to use it for a longer period of time. So what affects the life of the battery? There are two aspects in total, on the one hand, you need to use the right charger when charging and discharging the battery, and slow charging can prolong the life of the battery more than fast charging. On the other hand, the working environment of the battery, as far as possible to maintain the appropriate working temperature is a good way to extend the life of the battery. So for these two reasons, our solutions are as follows: firstly, use the right charger, and secondly, avoid using the battery for a long time at extreme temperatures. Finally, try to avoid complete discharge of the battery.